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Outdoor accent lighting complements exterior spaces with glowing ambiance in just the right places. With our permanent house exterior accent lighting, homeowners in Denver, CO, Highlands Ranch CO, and beyond, can enjoy outdoor areas of their home and property that are invigorated with added character and practical illumination. Our Trimlight Edge app makes creating accent lighting and improving curb appeal a breeze. Tap a few buttons on your smartphone and you will have your preferred light colors, spacing, and light pattern combinations operating almost instantly.

Some of the benefits of our Trimlight residential and commercial accent lighting products for outdoor spaces include:

Efficient Trimlight Design

Your Trimlight permanent lighting installation will include a patented channel design that meshes perfectly with your home’s roof line, both in color and design. The channel secures tightly in place and all wires are hidden from view, unlike hanging lights. The Trimlight permanent exterior lighting system adds an architectural enhancement to any roof line.

Synchronized With Music Option

The Trimlight app allows you to sync your permanent outdoor lighting with the lights and colors of the Trimlight lights with music, creating a visual display that matches the sounds it hears.

Operate and Manage From the Cloud

Our app and lighting system are connected to the Cloud, which allows you to operate and adjust your permanent accent lighting from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

Get Residential or Commercial Accent Lighting

To learn more about the house exterior accent lighting and commercial accent lighting we offer for those in Parker, CO, Highlands Ranch, CO, and beyond, give us a call today at (720) 668-7986.


What is Accent Lighting?

Accent lighting, also known as general lighting or ambient lighting, is an extremely important factor in any interior space. This type of lighting is commonly used as the gateway to a clear vision with the main aim to emit strong light into the room, allowing all inhabitants to safely navigate around.

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