Commercial Lighting in Denver CO

Commercial Lighting in Denver CO

Your Commercial Lighting Solution

The location of your business is important, but so is its exterior presentation to the public. The innovative permanent commercial lighting solutions we offer at Trimlight helps enhance the ambiance of your building and attract welcome attention to your brand. If your venue is difficult to see in the evening and at night, our commercial lighting solution is the way to go, creating important visibility for your location in Denver, CO, Highlands Ranch CO, or the surrounding area.

Commercial Lighting for Brand Recognition

Trimlight offers an effective permanent lighting solution to enhance the visibility of your business, boost brand recognition, and get the attention of passersby. Trimlight lights are customizable in various ways to reflect your brand.

Trimlight Customized Commercial Lighting

Through the Trimlight user-friendly app, you can create color patterns to match your brand and logo and produce thousands of unique light animation patterns to draw in customers to your storefront or other facility.

As a commercial lighting system that requires minimum maintenance and repair, Trimlight’s LED lights are exceptionally energy efficient and cost-effect for all-season use.

Commercial Lighting to Highlight Your Business

The Trimlight commercial lighting system enables you to light up a local business storefront or a large commercial building. This lighting system works effectively for offices, retail shops, doctor’s offices, city buildings, among other commercial venues.

Your new lighting can also serve as commercial Christmas lighting that you will never have to take down.

Brighter Illumination for Commercial Needs

The commercial channel we use for Trimlight commercial lighting installations is designed for larger lights with a standard 12 inch spacing. These lights provide brighter illumination than some residential installations, attracting the attention of potential customers from a farther distance away.

Get Permanent Commercial Lighting

For more information about the exterior and interior commercial lighting solutions we offer at Trimlight for businesses in Denver, CO, Highland Ranch, CO, and the surrounding areas, or to schedule an installation, give us a call today at (720) 668-7986.


What is Commercial Lighting?

With Trimlight’s Commercial Lighting System you can highlight a business or large commercial building. This system works great for retail, office, city buildings, doctor’s offices, and many more options.

With Trimlight’s commercial channel, we utilize larger lights that illuminate brighter to attract potential customers from a much farther distance. This system comes standard with 12″ spacing.

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