Channel Options
The channel requires a tape measure, screw gun, tin snips, speed square, and screws. Each house has different construction depending on where you live. There are multiple types of channel to accommodate most any construction. Look at the pictures below to see which channel is needed for your type of home.

Standard Soffit

Aluminum or Steel Soffit uses our “Standard Channel”

Standard Soffit
Flush Board

Flush Board

Flush Fascia Board uses our “Deck Channel with a Deck Cover”

Frieze Board

Exposed Wooden Frieze Board uses our “Deck Channel”

Frieze Board
Exposed Rafters

Exposed Rafter

Exposed Rafter uses our “Deck Channel with Drip Cover”


Parapet Cap / Flat Roof systems use our “Deck Channel with Drip Cover”


Click here for a downloadable instruction manual

This video is for reference of the ALUMINUM WORK. Please disregard all the wiring portion of this video due to our newest technology.

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