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EDGE: Our New Remote Access App

Via our mobile Trimlight Edge App, customizations span a wide range of animations, color patterns and brightness and can be programmed to any number of pre-set calendar events. The newest upgrade to the Trimlight mobile app provides integrations with Google, Alexa and music synchronization. In short, Trimlights can do just about anything you could hope a lighting system would. Via your smartphone, conveniently control your Trimlight system from Denver, CO, Highlands Ranch CO, Parker, CO or any other location.

Manage your permanent installation of Holiday Lights, Christmas Lights, and Lights for any other Special Occasion, including Sporting Events, Birthdays, and More! Our newest Trimlight Edge Controller offers numerous benefits!

  • Easy-to-use app with superior technology!

  • Program millions of animations, patterns, and colors.

  • Manage your permanent home lights from any location on Earth!

Music Capability

Whether it be using the mic on the phone, having it plugged in directly, or playing off your phone, the new Trimlight Edge music app will play along with your music!

Alexa And Google Home

Trimlight's Edge controller is now Alexa and Google Home compatible! Simply ask Alexa or Google to turn your Trimlight lighting system to on/off or set to specific colors!

Cloud Based

With cloud based technology you can now connect to your system when you are away from home.

Getting Started With Your New Trimlight Edge App

Our new Trimlight Edge app gives you complete control over your permanent home lighting, anywhere in the world, at any time. You can change light colors, light patterns, and when your lights go on and off through our user-friendly app.

Below are a list of videos to help you get connected with the new Trimlight Edge app!

Download This Manual For Using Your New Trimlight Edge App!

Our manual provides extensive, easy-to-follow instructions for using your Trimlight Edge app. You will learn how easy it is to control your home’s permanent lighting from any location using your smartphone.

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