The Ultimate Guide to LED Christmas Lights For Businesses

Christmas isn’t just something to celebrate at home, you can enjoy the festivities just as much while you’re at work, littering your business with decorations and playing Christmas songs throughout the day, bringing joy to all who visit your establishment. But you wonder what decorations you should have; a tree goes without saying, animatronic reindeer and Santa, of course, and you definitely will want lights. The question is, what kind of lights should you use?

There are myriad options available for standard Christmas lights, but as a business, you want a solution that can stay on through the whole festive season (and beyond) that is unlikely to be damaged by rain, snow, or even sun. You don’t want to risk a string of lights that could fall every other day, or a system that when one light burns out, they all indicate problems. Plus, as a business owner, it’s hard to imagine that you’d want to risk the safety of an employee or yourself while scaling ladders for the whole day putting up your lights.

Meet Trimlight Denver. We are a brilliant solution for low-energy multicolor lights that can be left up all year while remaining largely unnoticeable during the day. Our permanent LED lights can be set to millions of colors, in different formations, uniformly and beautifully installed all around your business. Your infinitely customizable lighting system can also be controlled efficiently through a smartphone app, called Trimlight Edge. Because our lighting system is permanent and the designs are so customizable, you can use them to celebrate any other events throughout the year, such as Halloween, a Broncos Superbowl win, or even showing support with rainbow colors through pride month. Our professional light installers will install our patented commercial grade lights safely and efficiently, just in time for your next special event or holiday.

To inquire about a permanent lighting solution to brighten up every holiday for your business, call Trimlight Denver, today, at (720) 668-7986. We’re currently serving Lone Tree, CO, Highlands Ranch, CO and the surrounding areas.

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