Which Christmas Lights Do Professionals Use?

There are ever-increasing options available for Christmas lights that professionals would use for installation, the most typical would be commercial LED string lights with co-axial connectors, known for their exceptional durability. But are they the best option? For Christmas lights that you’ll pay to have installed and taken down every year, they are certainly a good option, but what if you decide you want to have any other celebrations throughout the year? You’ll have to get an additional set of lights installed, and then subsequently taken down again, which is neither cost-effective nor an incredibly effective use of time.

So what other options are there? For an option that will be even more durable, and installed permanently, consider permanent LED holiday lights, which are solidly built, inconspicuous, and sleek, as well as near-infinitely customizable with the use of an app.

Permanent LED lights patented and installed by Trimlight Denver, for instance, are placed into the eaves of your building using color-matched aluminum strips with unobtrusive RGB LED lights, which means they’ll be usable all year round. Thanks to their construction and our professional installers, they won’t be damaged by rain or sun, meaning they’ll be subtly installed and difficult to damage. In the rare case that your LED bulbs do get damaged, Trimlight offers a lifetime product warranty.

Because they’re fully customizable and installed to handle harsh conditions year-round you’ll also be able to change the colors of your LED lights, so that you can get beautiful fall colors, or lighting for Halloween. With Trimlight Denver, you can change your home’s colors to support another Bronco win, or even to support pride month in June- the opportunities are endless. Changing your light design is simple, thanks to our easy-to-use Trimlight Edge app, which allows for event lighting and holiday lighting displays to be controlled easily from your smartphone.

To inquire with our expert team at Trimlight Denver about a beautiful, permanent solution to Christmas lights in Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, or the surrounding Denver Metro area, call today at (720) 668-7986.

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